Rose Gold Sculpt & Define Brush

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  • Brush head comprised of over 400,000 velvet soft animal free synthetic bristles.
  • Dome handle is designed to fit the palm of your hand like a glove for maximum pressure control as well as comfortability.
  • The Sculpt and Define brush is truly is a multipurpose brush, not only is it great for contouring, it also works well for applying concealer, to highlighter and anything else you wish to use it for.


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The NEW Sleek and sophisticated Sculpt and Define brush is another exclusive addition to the Dome Collection. This contour brush creates definition to the face and is perfect for accentuating bone structure and enhancing facial features for a contoured, defined look.

The beautifully shaped brush, works great for multipurpose use as it fits perfectly under the eyes, around the nose and in any other hard to reach areas around your face.

Densely Packed with very soft animal-free synthetic fibres, this innovative brush promises you remarkable results.

It is truly an artist essential to define and blend with controlled application.




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