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Kabuki Bullet Slant Brush

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  • Brush head comprised of thousands of velvet soft, animal free synthetic bristles.

  • Dome handle is designed for maximum pressure control as well as comfortability.

  • Its slanted surface allows for precise application and blending, to give you more of a flawless coverage, as well as adding definition.

  • The slanted surface also picks up a lot of product, and distributes it evenly, for a quicker and smoother makeup and powder application, whilst providing you an immaculate finish.


Back in stock AGAIN and AGAIN due to popular demand! The most sought out innovative brush!

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this brush will now be sent with a protective drawstring bag, due to limited supply of the outer packaging.


We believe that the closer the bristles are to your face, the better the control and application you will have, which is why we created the Kabuki Slant Brush.

The Kabuki Bullet brushes are small but mighty, offering you maximum control and effortlessly smooth coverage.

 The Kabuki Bullet Slant Brush is the advanced, must-have brush that will transform your makeup application. This essential, patented protected makeup tool from the Dome Collection, is the first ever brush to be made in this sleek design. It features a unique trademarked Domed handle, for maximum control. Its ergonomic slanted shape has a flat edge, which fits effortlessly into every contour of the face. Each vegan friendly & cruelty free brush, holds thousands of super soft, synthetic fibers that guarantees you remarkable results.

 These revolutionary brushes are an absolute essential for any cosmetic enthusiast’s collection.