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Glass Finish Spatula Brush

Ever wanted Korean Glass Skin?

Every beauty lover needs the right tools to create their ideal look and our Glass Finish Spatula Brush delivers a high-quality performance when it comes to applying your foundation.  

This brush was Inspired by a trending spatula tool used to create special effect makeup in Korea, by the Korean celebrity makeup artist Kyungsik Ham, that helps you to apply a thin layer of base without the risk of caking or piling.

 In order to achieve that same effect but better, we created the Glass Finish Spatula Brush. It is the perfect tool for creating that quick, streak free, flawless Korean skin!

 It is designed with an ultra thin, very short and flat high quality bristles, designed to mimic a spatula, to give you a thin, but smooth, even, full coverage foundation application.

Smoothed onto skin, you’ll get that dewy, lit-from-within luminescence from your natural complexion with all the perfection of a light coverage finish.