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how to use product



The 5 things you need to do whilst using the Eloise brushes:


1. Don’t apply the product directly onto or into the brush. Eloise brushes are designed with thousands of densely packed really soft bristleswhich stop products from seeping through and that is why our brushes are different.

2. Apply your product onto the face first, then gently glide the brush in a backwards and forwards strokes or circular motion until you get the coverage that you desire.


3. Start by using a small amount of your chosen product, as a little goes a long way. Unlike other conventional brushes, Eloise brushesapply products exactly where it needs to go.



4. Eloise brushes are designed to ensure you get a smooth coverage and that’s why our brushes will leave no streaking, make sure you don’t press too hard onto the skin and allow the brush to move at a relaxed pace to ensure an airbrushed finish.


5. Lastly make sure you take care of your brush and make sure you follow the cleaning methods.


Cleaning your brush.

1. Apply a small amount of shampoo/soap to the hairs

2. Supporting the whole brush gently massage the brush in circular motions on the palm of your hand

3. Keep rinsing the hairs until the water runs clear

4. Holding the hair bundle press the excess water out of the hairs against a soft, absorbent towel

5. Gently reshape the hairs using your fingers, if needed

6. Allow the brush to dry over night


Brush specification


Brush Dimensions

20.5cm long and the hair bundle is 3.5cm x 4.5cm



The hairs are of animal free synthetic fibre.



49 grams



Over 1,000.000 animal-free ultra-fine bristles.


The handle is ergonomically designed to be lightweight and made of thermoformed resins meaning this weighs only 49 grams.

Design & Patent Information

Eloise Brushes are designed in the UK and patent protected globally, as well as other pending designs.


“Unique products produce unique results”